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B&B RainbowHouse a Esino Lario, La perla delle Grigne
B&B RainbowHouse a Esino Lario, La perla delle Grigne

Specials Offers

Take advance from the favorable prices of many packages and promotions offred by  Rainbowhouse B&B .

Offers 1: Three Kings - Epiphany

During the Epiphany, in Esino, as real Ambrosian tradition, it is celebrated the biggest community event . Toward sunset prey beginning, from the majestic procession, festive between wings of spectators, she accompanies the Three Wise Men on horseback through the streets of the country. These bring gifts and presents to all the children and stopping a little to the Castle of King Herod, come to the characteristic Nativity, to adore the Child Jesus. The whole population took part in the preparation of this crowded event, which absorbs most of the Christmas season for its realization. They are opened the ancient courts and proposed environmental installations of a time gone, along with the tasting of dishes and delicacies of the territory. To attend the event, people flock from all over the province and even from abroad


The package includes:

  • Holiday Apartment for 4 persons
  • Visit the living crib and the Castle of King Herod
  • Gifts delivered by the 3 King just out of the house
Prices price for person for night
Price just Breakfast 35,00€
Price with breakfast and dinner 50,00€

Offer 2: Sant Antony 17 January

On January 17 is celebrated in Esino Lario the holy heremit through the morning celebration of solemn Mass in the church dedicated to him, and they bless animals and vehicles. The festivities continued during the afternoon in the small but picturesque main square, with lots of animlas and baskets made of cold cuts and cheese. The traditional dish of this day is the famous "Ravioli Le Patole" cooked in all families and local restaurants, they are prepared with a unique pasty made by the real potatoes of Esino Lario and with a tasty filling inside.


The package includes:

  • Holiday apartment for 2 days
  • Dinner with local dish "Le Patole"
Prices per night per person
Price with Dinner 45,00€

Offer 3: Easter and Easter Egg

Stay with breakfast includes and a Easter egg with surpirse.



per night per person                 35,00€

Offer 4: Summer markets and baby parties

During the central week of August the central avenue become full of summer locals markets. And in the day of 15 there is the parade in the masks that concludes with a celebration party in the main square.


The package includes:

  • One night accomodation
  • visit the Summer markets and join to the parade for children
  • children till 10 years for free



per person per night            35,00€ 


Offer 5: Celebration for the Esino potatoes during middle of September

This festival will bring to town a large group of manufacturers chosen the area in the field of agriculture, food and wine and craft to create a marketplace that will develop a distinctive path through the street of the historic center of Esino


The package includes:

  • One night accomodation
  • culinary education: How to cook "Le Patole" from Esino??



per night per person        35,00 €

Offer 6: Chestnut party on October

Last Sunday day of October will take place the Happy Chestnut party, with local food markets, chestnut and the musical band.


The package includes:

  • 2 night accomodation
  • chestnut gift
  • visit the party



per night per person        35,00 €

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